Monday, April 30, 2012

Indentation Ventilation

I need to vent, so just ignore this article.

Your formatting makes me want to puke.

For fuck's sake, when I ask questions about JavaScript or C, I don't bust out

lorem ipsum(dolor, sit) { 
    amet = consectetur(); 
    adipiscing (elit) 
        { Nulla_quis_purus = ac;
          arcu = consequat(consectetur(vitae(convallis,lacus)));}
        Aliquam { erat volutpat;}}

So as a point of basic courtesy, please learn to indent things in a way that doesn't make it look like you just loaded your parens into a shotgun before firing them at your editor. It's not as though it's difficult. Lisp is made of s-expressions, the only places where indentation gets ambiguous is in extended loop forms, and maybe one or two edge cases with lets. Just take the three minutes required to read the standard style, and stop pretending that you're showing us paren-using savages the proper way to waste vertical space.


I need some sleep.


  1. Thanks for the link to the indentation style guide. Been looking for something like this!

    As a CL noob, I can *sort of* discern the patterns from existing code and from SLIME indentation, but this quick (and short!) formalization is quite handy...

    1. Huh.

      It honestly never occurred to me that someone who has written any Common Lisp would have missed that piece.

      I'll add it to the sidebar.

    2. Nope... never seen it mentioned in passing. But I am a bona fide noob - still working my way through Seibel - so I suppose I would have stumbled upon it eventually. Probably would have found it if I'd actually, ahem, Googled for it, too.